A Day At Bears Town Ski Resort In Korea (베어스타운 스키 리조트)

Winter in Korea means one thing – time to hit the slopes!

Bears Town Ski Resort is one of the many ski parks in Korea conveniently located just outside the capital city, Seoul.

After spending my winter weekends skiing at some of the best resorts in the country, it was time to try my hand at snowboarding at Bears Town Ski Resort.

If you’re learning to ski or snowboard, Bears Town is the best place to go.

This post details everything you need to know about visiting Bears Town Resort, from how to get there tour prices, and what to expect!

Bears Town Ski Resort is one of the best ski parks near Seoul
Bears Town Ski Resort is one of the best ski parks near Seoul

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Bears Town Ski: Quick Overview

  • Distance from Seoul: 1.5 hours (50 km)
  • Number of slopes: 11
  • Pros: Not as crowded as other ski parks in Korea
  • Cons: Small ski park

2024 Update: It seems that Bears Town Ski Resort may be temporarily closed. If this is the case, I recommend booking a trip to Oak Valley Ski Resort which is nearby.

How to get to Bears Town Ski Resort in Korea
All smiles after a few bails in the snow

About Bears Town Ski Resort, Korea

Bears Town Ski Resort is located in Naechon-myeon, Gyeonggi-do province, just over an hour’s drive north-east of Seoul.

It’s one of the closest ski parks to the capital city and is easily accessible on a day trip from Seoul using public or private transport.

Bears Town isn’t as popular as the likes of Vivaldi Ski Park and High 1 Resort. But this is what made it so attractive for me, as the slopes aren’t as crowded.

The entire resort has a more authentic ski resort feel, with wooden cabins used for the ticket office and eating areas.

When I say less crowded, I mean by Korean standards! All tourist hotspots are busy during weekends, so keep that in mind when planning your South Korea itinerary.

Slopes at Bears Town Ski Resort
The more advanced slope at Bears Town Ski Resort

Ski Slopes at Bears Town

Bears Town Ski Resort has 11 slopes with a total slope length of 15 300m.

The slope difficulties vary from beginners to intermediate and expert. There is also a small park section for advanced skiers and snowboarders.

The advanced slopes range from 1 000 m to 2 500 m, which is a pretty decent length when compared to other ski parks in Korea.

If you’re learning to ski or snowboard, Bears Town Ski Resort is the best place to do so. The beginner slope is long, wide, and not too steep, giving you more space to practice – and fall without crashing into others!

It was my first time snowboarding, so I spent most of the day at the beginner slope (sitting in the snow). I snowboarded alongside 4-year-olds whose skills put me to shame!

Ski and snowboard lessons are available, and there is also a snow sleigh park for the little ones.

Beginner slope at Bears Town Ski Resort near Seoul
Beginner slope at Bears Town Ski Resort

Bears Town Ski Resort Prices

Booking a day trip to Bears Town is easiest done through a tour group, especially if you can’t speak Korean.

Tour operators such as Klook and Trazy offer competitive prices due to foreign discounts that all tourists can take advantage of.

I purchased this 1 Day Ski Package to Bears Town Ski Resort which included a return shuttle from Seoul, ski lesson, lift pass, clothing rental, and ski gear.

With only one day on the slopes, the last thing you want to be doing is figuring out which bus stop to get off at and how to pay for your lift tickets.

The convenience of booking through a tour operator justifies the cost. They are also able to negotiate lower prices with the ski resorts.

The bus to Bears Town Resort, Korea, leaves Myeongdong Station at 08:00 and returns by 18:00 the same day.

View of Bears Town Ski Resort
Looking onto Bears Town Ski Resort from the lift

Book Directly Through Bears Town Resort

If you choose to book directly through Bears Town Ski Resort, the price advertised on their website is 76 000 won ($65) for a full-day lift pass (09:00-17:00).

If you don’t have ski/snowboard gear, you can rent at a cost of 31 000 won ($25) and ski clothing costs 20 000 won ($15). This makes a total of 127 000 won ($105) for a full day on the slopes.

There are usually discounts for foreigners so inquire about this at the ticket office.

Bears Town Ski Resort Prices
About to hit the slopes

How to get to Bears Town Ski Resort, Korea

If you book a tour, your transport will be organized for you by the tour operator.

But if you choose not to book a tour package, you can also book a shuttle directly through the resort.

Whilst you can get to Bears Town via public transport, I recommend that you use the shuttle available as it’s a direct route.

kids ski resorts in Korea
Children’s ski lessons at Bears Town Ski Resort

Day trip vs A Weekend Trip

To save costs, it’s best to do a day trip to Bears Town Ski Resort from Seoul as it’s so close.

There are accommodation options at the resort, but in my experience, a full day on the slopes is all you need, and you can head back another weekend if you’re left wanting more.

View from the top of Bears Town Ski Resort
View from the top

My Bears Town Ski Resort Review

When comparing Bears Town Resort to the others I visited in Korea, it was one of my favorites. You should also check out High1 Ski Resort which is nearby.

The relaxed atmosphere and less crowded slopes made it one of my highlights of things to do in Korea, and should be included in your Seoul itinerary if you’re visiting in winter.

Have you been skiing at Bears Town, Korea? Or do you have any questions? Drop me a message in the comments section below.

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  1. I’m interested in visiting the bears town resort, among other resorts, this winter. I see this article was posted September 3rd, but there is also an update saying bears town may be temporarily closed. I wanted to ask and see if you had any other information about bears town for this winter. Thank you.

    • Hi Tristan,

      Unfortunately Bears Town still seems to be closed. I booked my ski tour through Klook (here) and it says that the tour is unavailable. I also looked at Trazy and there are no tours available either.

      If you want a ski resort close to Seoul, I recommend Oak Valley. I really enjoyed this ski park and it wasn’t as busy as Vivaldi. You can check availability here.

      Have fun!


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