11 Best Ski Resorts in Korea Near Seoul


As the months get cooler, and Korea’s snow season starts approaching, there’s excitement in the air. The country provides several entertaining options to keep you occupied throughout the winter season and one of them is skiing at some of the best ski resorts in Korea.

This guide details 11 of the best ski resorts in Korea ideally located near Seoul, as well as how to plan your ski trip, packing lists and so much more!

Best places to snowboard in Korea

Bears Town Ski Resort is one of the closest ski parks to Seoul

Korea Snow Season

The winter season in Korea runs from late November until early April.

Ski resorts are generally open from the beginning of December until late March, but peak ski time is during January and February when schools are on their winter break. It’s also coldest during this time, with a greater chance of snowfall.

How to plan your ski trip to Korea

Because most of the best ski resorts in Korea are close to Seoul, it’s best to book a day tour as opposed to spending a few days at one ski resort.

This will be easier on your pocket and also allow you to explore a variety of ski parks in Korea as opposed to just one.

11 Best ski resorts in Korea (near Seoul)

11) Muju Deogyusan Ski Resort

Muju Ski Resort in Korea

Muju is one of the biggest ski resorts in Korea but it’s quite a drive from Seoul

Muju is a great option for those living south of Seoul. It’s one of the 3 biggest ski resorts in Korea, alongside High1 and Yongpyong.

Because it lies towards the center of the country where it’s slightly warmer, Muju relies heavily on artificial snow and it can get quite icy in parts.

  • Distance from Seoul: 3 hours | 200km
  • Number of slopes: 22
  • Longest slope length: 4 300m
  • Best for: People living south of Seoul
  • Cons: If you’re coming from Seoul, it’s a far drive and Yongpyong and High1 are better options

10) Konjiam Ski Resort

Konjiam Ski Resort, Korea.

Konjiam Ski Resort, Korea. Image credit: @hongparta via Instagram

Konjiam is the perfect getaway due to its proximity to Seoul.

The resort offers 11 superb slopes and the number of skiers is limited to 7 000 per day so it doesn’t get too crowded.

  • Distance from Seoul: Less than an hour | 40km
  • Number of slopes: 11
  • Longest slope length: 1 400m
  • Best for: a quick trip from Seoul
  • Cons: Small ski park with mostly artificial snow

9) Jisan Forest Ski Resort

Jisan Ski Resort in Korea

Jisan Ski Resort in Korea. Image credit: @iammikeflores via Instagram

Jisan Ski Resort is another one of the most popular ski resorts near Seoul as it is a quick drive from the capital city

It gets quite busy over the weekend and is recommended for those who are learning to ski as the park is rather small.

You can pair a trip to Jisan Ski Resort with Everland as they are not too far from each other.

  • Location from Seoul: 1 hour | 56km
  • Number of slopes: 7
  • Best for: Beginners
  • Cons: Busy on weekends
  • Packages: 1 Day Ski Package

8) Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort

Elysian is one of the cloest ski resorts to Seoul.

Elysian is one of the cloest ski resorts to Seoul. Image credit: @azimmatnor via Instagram

Elysian Ski Resort is great for beginners looking to learn how to ski in Korea. It’s easy to access using the Seoul subway and you can pair it with a trip to Nami Island which is also nearby.

The slopes at Elysian Ski Resort aren’t too long and the park is pretty small, so it’s not recommended for more advanced skiers.

  • Location from Seoul: 1.5 hours | 60km
  • Number of Slopes: 8
  • Longest slope length: 1500 m
  • Best for: Beginners, those wanting to visit Nami Island
  • Cons: Small ski park
  • Package: 1 Day Ski Package

7) Alpensia

Alpenisa Ski Park In Korea

Alpensia Ski Park was one of the 3 locations for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Image credit: @reginaoja via Instagram

Located a stone’s throw away from Yongpyong Ski Resort, Alpensia was home to the ski jump event during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. It’s quite a bit smaller than its neighbor, Yongpyong, but still offers top-class facilities.

If you’re planning on spending the weekend in Pyeongchang, it’s best to pair a trip to Alpensia Ski Resort with Yongpyong Ski Resort.

  • Distance from Seoul: 3 hours | 150km
  • Number of slopes: 6
  • Longest slope length: 1 350m
  • Best for: Beginners as it’s less crowded than Yongpyong and Phoenix Ski Park
  • Cons: Only 6 slopes available so not very attractive for advanced skiers
  • Package: 1 Day Ski Package

6) Oak Valley

Best ski parks near Seoul

Oak Valley is a great ski park for the whole family

Oak Valley Ski Resort is a less commercial ski park compared to others in Korea. It prides itself on being a premium ski park for the whole family and lives up to this reputation with great facilities and signage in both Korean and English.

The beginner slopes are long and wide and it’s a great place to try your hand at snowboarding.

Here’s a detailed guide to Oak Valley, including my thoughts on how it compares to other ski resorts in Korea.

  • Distance from Seoul: Under 2 hours | 100km
  • Number of slopes: 9
  • Longest slope length: 1 600m
  • Best for: Beginners learning to ski in Korea
  • Cons: No slope variety for those with more experience
  • Package: 1 Day Ski Package

5) Vivaldi Park

Skiing in Korea at Vivaldi Ski Park

Early in the day, before Vivaldi Ski Park got too crowded

Vivaldi Ski Park is the most visited ski park in Korea but with that title comes the large crowds and queues on all slopes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

What makes Vivaldi such a great resort to visit in Korea is its close proximity to Seoul as well as its state-of-the-art facilities which are constantly upgraded.

Each slope at Vivaldi Park is identified by a funky slope name, such as Jazz, Reggae and Techno. Accompanying each of these slopes is music that is played throughout the course, related to the name.

Vivaldi is a trendy ski park with a family-friendly snow zone, Snowyland, which will keep your kids busy for hours on end.

I visited Vivaldi at the beginning of December hoping for less crowded slopes and I suggest you do the same. Here’s my review on Vivaldi Ski Resort.

  • Distance from Seoul: 2 hours | 90km
  • Number of slopes: 12
  • Longest slope length: 900m
  • Best for: Couples, young adults and families
  • Cons: Crowded slopes on weekends
  • Package: 1 Day Ski Package

4) Phoenix Ski Park

Phoenix Ski Park in Korea

Phoenix Ski Park in Korea. Image credit: @jeanettexu via Instagram

Phoenix Ski Park is another top ski park in Korea, located near Yongpyong Ski Resort in Gangwon Province. It offers a wide variety of slopes and top-class facilities.

Phoenix was home to freestyle skiing and snowboarding events in the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and has made a name for itself as a snowboarding hotspot in Korea.

  • Distance from Seoul: 2.5 hours | 150km
  • Number of slopes: 21
  • Longest slope length: 2 400m
  • Best for: Freestyle snowboarding
  • Cons: Slightly further from Seoul than other ski resorts in Korea
  • Package: 2D/1N Ski Package

3) Bears Town Ski Resort

The best ski resort in Korea for beginners

Bears Town Ski Resort is one of the best ski parks in Korea for beginners

Bears Town Ski Resort may be one of the lesser-known parks in Korea, but it’s also one of the closest ski resorts to Seoul.

I spent a day here and it was one of my favorite ski resorts in Korea. In my opinion, Bears Town is the best ski resort in Korea for beginners as the slopes are long and wide, with a gradual incline, making it a great place for those learning to ski or snowboard.

This post will hopefully convince you to visit!

  • Location from Seoul: 1.5 hours | 40km
  • Number of slopes: 11
  • Longest slope length: 2 500m
  • Best for: Beginners and more advanced snowboarders, a quick day trip from Seoul
  • Cons: Limited number of slopes
  • Packages: 1 Day Ski Package

2) High1 Ski Resort

High1 Ski Resort

High1 Ski Resort is one of the best ski parks in Korea

High1 Ski Resort is another one of the best ski resorts in Korea and is only matched by Yongpyong in terms of its size and slope variety.

With long, wide slopes it’s perfect for the whole family and is a great place for beginners learning how to ski. Because of the size of the ski park, the slopes are not as crowded and there are very few queues for the ski lifts.

I spent 2 days at the resort and here’s my detailed travel guide to skiing at High 1.

  • Location from Seoul: 3 hours | 170km
  • Number of slopes: 18
  • Longest slope length: 2 300m
  • Best for: Skiers and snowboarders of all levels, great for the whole family
  • Cons: Longer drive from Seoul than most other ski resorts in Korea
  • Package: 2D/1N Ski Package

1) Yongpyong Ski Resort

Yongpyong Ski Resort in Korea

Yongpyong Ski Resort was home to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Korea

Yongpyong Ski Resort is arguably the best ski resort in Korea. Not only was it home to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, but it also has the longest slope in the country.

The park allows for a fun day in the snow as it has a large variety of slopes and caters for all levels from beginners to those who are more advanced.

Yet another draw-card is that Yongpyong Ski Resort receives the most snowfall and due to its prime location, it operates longer than most ski resorts in Korea. (Late November until April)

  • Distance from Seoul: 3 hours | 150 km
  • Number of slopes: 28
  • Longest slope length: 5 600m
  • Best for: Everyone, especially more experienced skiers and snowboarders
  • Cons: Further from Seoul than most other ski resorts in Korea
  • Package: 2D/1N Ski Package

Korea ski tour packages

Many ski resorts near Seoul can be accessed via public transport or shuttles provided by the ski resort. But, as a foreigner, most of the information online is in Korean.

Because you’ll only be skiing for one day, it’s more convenient to organize a ski package through a tour provider such as Trazy. This way you don’t waste valuable time finding buses, ticket desks, ski gear, etc.

Trazy also offers massive discounts to foreigners ranging from shuttle services to all-inclusive ski packages. I booked all my ski tours through them as they are the most popular and cost-effective tour operator in Korea. Their prices are extremely competitive, their managers are professional and their tours stick to a schedule.

Korea ski tour packages

Skiing at Oak Valley

Skiing in Korea vs Japan (and the rest of the world)

Korea has stepped up their game since hosting the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the country has been put on the map as one of the leading ski destinations in Asia. It’s a great place for beginners to learn how to ski before heading to the bigger (and better) slopes of Japan, Europe or America.

Snow quality

Unfortunately, the quality of snow in Korea is nothing compared to that of Europe, USA, and Japan. There isn’t much snow and so most of the slopes are made of artificial snow and can get icy in areas.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve never skied before, you will be in heaven, but if you’re an experienced skier you may be a bit disappointed!

Slope variety

Again, don’t expect long slopes that go on forever! Korea’s ski parks are much smaller than what you may be used to elsewhere. If you’re an experienced skier, you may get bored after a day or so.

This is why I don’t recommend that you base yourself at one ski resort for the duration of your stay. Instead, visit at least 3 of the above ski resorts near Seoul.

All ski resorts in Korea make use of artificial snow

All ski resorts in Korea make use of artificial snow

Queues and crowds

Skiing is one of the most popular winter activities in Korea. Come the weekend, everyone (and their dog) heads to the countryside to spend the day on the slopes. If you’re going skiing in Korea on a weekend, be prepared for queues at the ski lifts, and crowded slopes.

To avoid this, try to go ski during the week or even on a Sunday when it’s quieter.


Everything in Korea operates like clock-work. It’s one of the many things I loved about living here! And this filters through to all aspects of the country, including their ski resorts.

Food and Restaurants

Most restaurants at the ski resorts in Korea offer a mixture of western and Korean food. But the western food choices are limited and you’ll most likely be eating bibimbap for breakfast, as I did!

Also, if you’re planning on spending a few hours skiing followed by a couple of cold beers overlooking the slopes, think again. There aren’t any outdoor bars with music and the vibe isn’t much to write home about. Hence, it’s best to spend the day on the slopes and head back to Seoul after.

Restaurants in the ski parks

High1 Ski Resort restaurant on the slopes

Tips for skiing in Korea

  • The winters in Korea are harsh and freezing cold. Make sure you come prepared!
  • There are lockers available at the ski resort to keep your valuables safe.
  • Take cash or your bank card with you on the slopes as there are restaurants and cafes throughout the park.
  • If you’re joining a tour group, don’t be late as they will leave without you!
  • If you’ve never skied or snowboarded before you can book an hour lesson with an English-speaking instructor.

Packing list for your trip to a Korean ski resort

If you don’t have the below items, don’t stress! There are ski shops at the resorts where you can buy everything you need.

  • Thick socks (bring a pair for after as they will get wet)
  • Scarf or buff
  • Beanie or warm hat
  • Sunglasses or goggles (Check if your tour operator can provide goggles)
  • Thermal underwear to wear beneath your ski clothes
  • Gloves (you can purchase these at the resorts)
  • Extra pair of clothes to change into after
  • Hot packs
  • Lip balm and sunscreen
Skiing in Korea vs Japan

Bears Town Ski Resort

What you will be provided with

Be sure to check with your tour operator that the below is included in your ski package. If you’re planning your trip independently, it’s best to hire the below equipment from a ski shop en route to the resort.

  • Waterproof ski jacket and pants
  • Ski boots
  • Helmet (confirm this with your tour operator)
  • Ski poles
  • Ski’s or snowboard
  • Ski passes

Overall thoughts on the best ski resorts in Korea

Before I moved to Korea, I knew little of the country. But after each and every day, I fell more in love with what it has to offer.

No, I wouldn’t come to Korea just to ski! But by spending a few days on the slopes, eating the delicious food, exploring Seoul, checking out Jeju Island and getting to know the Korean culture, you’ll make it a trip to remember!

There is a really good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. As always, views are my own!

Looking for more Korea travel information? Check out my other posts!

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