Victoria Falls National Park: Entrance fee and park tour

Mosi-oa-Tunya, or Victoria Falls, is a World Heritage Site and one of the seven Natural Wonders of the World. The falls, which are 107 meters wide, create the biggest curtain of falling water in the world, dropping a whopping 108 meters. Visiting the falls was at the top of my list of things to do and it is the main attraction that brings thousands of tourists to Zimbabwe every year.

So how exactly do you prepare for your visit to the fall? Below I’ve covered all the most important info including the best side to see Victoria Falls, the best time to visit and the entrance fee to Victoria Falls National Park. If you’re buzy planning your trip to Zimbabwe, this guide give you all the practical information to ensure you are properly prepared.

Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwean side

Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwean side

Which is the best side to see Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe or Zambia?

Victoria Falls can be seen from either the Zimbabwe or Zambia side. It’s no doubt that Zimbabwe has the lions share of viewpoints, with 75% of the total area being in the county. The breathtaking walk along the cliffs lead to many of these viewpoints, with some of the best photo opportunities in Victoria Falls. Many people agree that the best side to see Victoria Falls is Zimbabwe, whilst Zambia offers a completely different, and unique experience.

The Zambian side of Victoria Falls may not have as many viewpoints as it’s neighbor but the hiking routes offer similar breathtaking views. Whilst these aren’t “full-views” of the falls, you can feel the spray as you are closer to the falls than you would be on the Zimbabwean side.

Victoria Falls Viewpoints from the Zimbabwean side

Double rainbow formed by the spray from the falls

Best time to visit Victoria Falls

July – December is the dry season and the falls gradually empty out from July and are at their lowest in October/November. Although you may not view the falls in all their might at this time, you are able to visit Devil’s Pool as well as experience the water rafting, which is closed during the rainy season.

January – June is the wet season and is also a great time to visit Victoria Falls as the falls begin to fill up. We visited Vic Falls in May and they were at their fullest. It was a spectacular sight but beware, you will get drenched! There is a lot of spray and mist which may hamper your views of the falls. However, you can feel the power and might of this beautiful part of nature, and it’s incredible. We were unable to do the rafting or visit Devil’s Pool at this time due to the high water levels which made these activities more dangerous.

Rain from the Victoria Falls


Where is the Victoria Falls National Park Entrance?

The Victoria Falls National Park entrance is about a 10-minute walk from Victoria Falls. It is located opposite the crafts market where you can buy many memorabilia. Keep your eyes open as you may see elephants roaming around the open fields next to the market.

Victoria Falls Entrance Fee

The standard Victoria Falls entrance fee is $30 for all tourists, but SADC passport holders pay a reduced rate of $14. Just make sure you have your passport, ID or drivers license on you to qualify for the discount.

Victoria Falls viewpoints on the Zimbabwean side

More rainbows!

Visiting Victoria Falls: Tips

  • Don’t miss the best spot for a picturesque photo opportunity. As you enter Victoria Falls, keep going straight and walk toward the David Livingstone statue. (I nearly missed it as I took a right after entering and headed straight toward the center of the falls).
  • Protect your phone and electronic equipment as it will get wet! A waterproof pouch is the best option if you want to take pictures with your phone. Do not put it in a plastic bag – it will get damaged. Trust me, it happened to us!
  • Make sure you have a copy of your passport or ID if you want to qualify for the discount (SADC countries only).
  • You will get drenched if you visit the falls in May, so perhaps bring a raincoat or umbrella. However, it probably won’t help! It’s so much fun running through the spray, so just relax and enjoy the moment.
  • The paths are easy to follow and you don’t need a guide – unless you want a personal photographer or are looking for more in-depth information on Victoria Falls.
  • The walk through the park and along the falls won’t take more than 2 hours.
  • Follow all the paths to the end as there are many beautiful rainbows formed from the spray.
  • After you’ve spent a few hours roaming through Victoria Falls National Park, make sure you head back in time to catch a sunset cruise along the Zambezi River. After seeing the falls, this is on my list of best things to do in Victoria Falls!
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Everything you need to know about Victoria Falls National Park


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