Zambezi Sunset Cruise with Batoka Safaris

A sunset cruise along the fourth-longest river in Africa, great company, an open bar, and the most beautiful sights. All of this coupled with a breathtaking African sunset. Who wouldn’t want to end their day with a Zambezi sunset cruise?

The booze cruise with Batoka Safaris was right up my alley: affordable and fun!

Cruising along the Zambezi River before sunset with Batoka Safaris

Cruising along the Zambezi River

Zambezi sunset cruise with Batoka Safaris

Of all the things to do in Vic Falls, this one should definately be on your bucket list! Our backpackers arranged our Zambezi sunset cruise booking with Batoka Safaris. It cost $40 per person, which included snacks as well as an open bar. There are numerous tour operators dotted all over Vic Falls and so you shouldn’t have a problem making a booking.

Batoka Safaris fetched us from our backpackers in Victoria Falls at 15:30, along with the other guests who would be joining us. The drive to the dock on the Zambezi River was 20 minutes from the town. We were welcomed onto the boat with traditional dancing and a drumming performance by the Batoka Safaris team.

The captain kicked off the cruise with a quick introduction and safety information before introducing us to the barman, Rob.

Our captain from Batoka Safaris for the sunset cruise along the Zambezi River

Our captain for the sunset cruise along the Zambezi River

Cruising along the Zambezi River

There were about 20 people on the sunset cruise and the ages ranged from 5–65 years old.

We met a Korean man who was very much in awe of his surroundings, taking selfies whenever the opportunity arose. He introduced himself as David, but this was, of course, his English name. He was working in Zimbabwe and by his dress code, you could tell that he was not on the same backpacker itinerary as we were. Considering he was the first Korean I’d met, and I’d soon be living in their country, I was eager to chat with him.

We also met an English couple in their early 30’s who’d been traveling for 8 months. Every 4 years or so they’d quit their jobs and take a year off to travel. Their lives sounded exciting and adventurous, which left me feeling slightly envious of their escapades. I quickly learned that their love for Gin and Tonics’ quite possibly matched mine.

Considering we had an open bar waiting for us, we tucked into the drinks to ensure we got our monies worth. With a wide selection of beers, spirits and soft drinks available, we didn’t have the stress of running short of the good stuff.

Zambezi Sunset Cruise with Batoka Safaris

Gin and Tonic’s for days!

Sunset and sightings along the Zambezi River

The calm, tranquil waters of the Zambezi River were a drastic contrast from the thunderous noise of Victoria Falls which was only a few miles away. Throughout the 2.5-hour trip, we were treated with picturesque views of the wildlife and nature surrounding the Zambezi.

Crocodiles and hippos were out in full force and we were lucky enough to see many of these animals, as well as herons and other beautiful birds along the way.

Zambezi River Sunset Cruise

Zambezi River Sunset

After witnessing the most beautiful sunset over the Zambezi River, we headed back to the dock. Along with our new friends, we went out in search of a party in the townships

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Zambezi Sunset Cruise in Victoria Falls


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