Guide To Scuba Diving Isla Mujeres: Best Dive Sites and More

Isla Mujeres is an underwater paradise waiting to be explored. It often lies in the shadows of its famous neighbor, Cozumel, which is a world-renowned diving destination.

But if there’s one takeaway I have after diving at both islands, it’s that the Isla Mujeres dive sites are a force to be reckoned with. They’re not as crowded, and they offer an exceptional diving experience that’s on par (if not better) than Cozumel.

Here’s my guide to scuba diving Isla Mujeres, the best dive sites, and more!

scuba diving isla mujeres
Trying not to get swept away by the current at Punta Sur dive site near Isla Mujeres

Is Isla Mujeres scuba diving worth it?

I’m kicking off this post with the big question that I had before I went scuba diving in Isla Mujeres: Is it really worth it?

Yes, it is! 100%.

Crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine life, thrilling drift dives – I loved exploring the dive sites around Isla Mujeres.

is diving isla mujeres worth it
Inside the C-58 Wreck

How to plan your trip to the Isla Mujeres dive sites

Unlike Cozumel, there aren’t as many diving sites in Isla Mujeres to choose from. Don’t get me wrong, there are still a lot, but Cozumel has more!

These sites in Isla Mujeres are also spread out and as a result, most dive operators will follow an itinerary.

If you visit a particular dive site, your second dive will have to be within close proximity to your first dive. So, you might not get your top two choices.

I also found that the dive shops worked on a first-come-first-serve basis.

If you’re the first to contact them and request a particular dive site on a certain date, they’ll schedule the dives you asked for. Anyone who inquires after you will either have to book your itinerary or dive another day.

Best Isla Mujeres Dive Sites

Isla Mujeres attracts scuba divers of all levels as there are a variety of exciting sites to explore.

If you’re not comfortable with drift diving, it’s best to choose those sites closer to the main beach as the currents can get quite strong the further south you go.

Punta Sur

best time to dive isla mujeres
These logger head turtles were massive – and there were lots of them!
  • Experience: Advanced
  • Highlights: Thrilling drift dive
  • Maximum depth: 16m

Punta Sur is one of the best Isla Mujeres dive sites for experienced divers. It’s where you’ll find the most thrilling drift diving.

Located south of the island, it’s one of the furthest dive sites to get to.

From May to June, Punta Sur really puts on a show! This is the turtle mating season, and you can dive with up to 30 turtles.

I went diving at the beginning of May and was lucky enough to experience this – but not quite to the extent as it is later in the month. I’ve never seen turtles as big as I saw on this dive. It was incredible!

That, paired with the strong current, made Punta Sur one of my favourite sites.

C-58 Shipwreck

C58 wreck isla mujeres
C-58 Shipwreck in Isla Mujeres
  • Experience: Advanced
  • Highlights: Swimming through the shipwreck
  • Maximum depth: 26m

The C-58 was intentionally sunk by the Mexican Navy and is now considered one of the top dive sites in Isla Mujeres.

It’s home to massive schools of fish and moray eel and there are often shark and turtle sightings. Divers can also penetrate the shipwreck and explore the rooms.

During our dive, we saw a huge group of 6+ Spotted Eagle Rays. It was a magical moment and they kept appearing and then swimming off into the abyss.

Due to its depth and presence of strong currents, the C-58 Shipwreck is well-suited for advanced divers.

MUSA Underwater Museum

isla mujeres dive sites
The visibility was amazing
  • Experience: Beginner
  • Highlights: Art sculptures
  • Maximum depth: 10m

The Isla Mujeres Underwater Museum of Art is one of the most popular attractions. Located just off the main stretch, it’s easy to access for both divers and snorkelers.

This dive site in Isla Mujeres features a series of art installations. It’s a shallow dive and a great choice for inexperienced scuba divers.

But just because it’s the most popular, doesn’t mean it’s the best site to dive.

If you’re an advanced diver, you may want to give the MUSA a skip and visit one of the more exciting diving sites in the area.


Which Isla Mujeres dive shop to use

I booked all my dives with Emilio Dive Center. What attracted me to them is that they offer small group tours.

Gary and I were the only divers in our group, and had a great time with their team.

punta sur dive site isla mujeres

Costs for scuba diving in Isla Mujeres

Depending on which dive sites you choose, the costs will vary. Also note that some dive shops don’t include gear in their initial costs so that will be an additional charge.

Here are the all-inclusive costs you can expect for diving Isla Mujeres.

  • 2 reef dives is $120 per person
  • 2 drift dives is $135 per person
  • 2 wreck dives is $150 per person
diving isla mujeres vs cozumel
We saw a big group of Spotted Eagle Rays close to the C-58 Shipwreck

Thoughts on scuba diving Isla Mujeres

I can’t believe I nearly skipped Isla Mujeres! Looking back on my Mexico trip, scuba diving at Isla Mujeres was one of my highlights.

The island itself attracts thousands of tourists but I feel the scuba diving here is very underrated. So don’t make the same mistake many people do. Book your trip and explore the underwater world of Isla Mujeres.

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Isla Mujeres Mexico Scuba Diving travel guide

Have you been scuba diving at Isla Mujeres? Or are you planning on visiting? Drop me a message in the comments section below if you have any questions or recommendations!

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