Zimbabwe Travel Guide

Zimbabwe is home to the famous Victoria Falls. I had the biggest adventure here, and while it is an expensive country to travel to, I managed to get by on a relatively low budget.

How long to stay in Victoria Falls, Zambia or Zimbabwe
Walking through Victoria Falls National Park in Zimbabwe

Best time to visit Zimbabwe

July to December is the dry season in Victoria Falls. As a result, the falls gradually empty out from July and are at their lowest in October/November.

The wet season is one of the best times to see Victoria Falls. From January, the falls begin to fill up, and by May, they’re at their fullest.

During April and May, there’s a lot of thick mist from the falls, and this may hamper your views. However, you can feel the power of this beautiful part of nature, and it’s incredible.

I visited Vic Falls in May, and it was a spectacular sight. But beware, you will get soaking wet during this time!

What to expect

  • Capital city: Harare
  • Language: There are a number of official languages, but english is mostly used
  • Currency: Zimbabwean Dollar, but the US Dollar is accepted everywhere
  • Safety: I felt safe in Zimbabwe, but due to the dire economic crisis, the locals live in poverty. As a result, petty crime is common, so be sure to keep your belongings on you at all times and don’t walk around alone at night

How to travel around Zimbabwe

There are international flights that arrive from Johannesburg in South Africa to Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe. It’s best to arrange a shuttle to take you from the airport to your hotel and across the border to Zambia (if you’re visiting the other side.)

Victoria Falls town is very small, and you can easily walk around.

How many days to spend in Zimbabwe

3 days in Victoria Falls is enough time to see the highlights and tick off the main attractions on your Zimbabwe bucket list list. But I recommend at least 5 days.