Best ski resorts in Korea near Seoul

11 Best Ski Resorts in Korea Near Seoul

As the months get cooler, and Korea’s snow season starts approaching, there’s excitement in the air. The country provides several entertaining options to keep you occupied throughout the winter season and one of them is skiing at some of the […]

Snowboarding at Bears Town Ski Resort in Korea

A Day At Bears Town Ski Resort In Korea

Winter in Korea means one thing – time to hit the slopes! Bears Town Ski Resort is one of the many ski parks in Korea conveniently located just outside the capital city, Seoul. I had already spent my winter weekends […]

Life in Korea

24 Strange Things About Life in Korea

Korea is undoubtedly the most unique country I’ve ever traveled to. Having lived here for the past 14 months, I’ve grown accustomed to the different lifestyle and traditions of the country. That being said, my initial experience was a culture […]

Gangchon Rail Bike in Korea

Why Gangchon Rail Bike Is A Must Do

Gangchon Rail Bike is Korea at its best! I mean, who doesn’t love pedaling along old train tracks? Up until 2010, it was a fully functioning train line before being converted into the famous Gangchon Rail Bike Park. It’s a […]