Where to see cherry blossoms in Seoul

Where to see cherry blossoms in Seoul?

When spring hits Korea, all the talk is about cherry blossoms. Where to see them, when to see them and for those Instagram lovers, where can you get the best photos with the beloved cherry blossom trees – especially in […]

Life in Korea

24 strange things about life in Korea

Korea is undoubtedly the most unique country I’ve ever traveled to. Having lived here for the past 14 months, I’ve grown accustomed to the different lifestyle and traditions of the country. That being said, my initial experience was a culture […]

Nami Island itinerary

Nami Island itinerary (and Garden of Morning Calm)

Inside the beautiful Gapyeong Valley lies Nami Island, one of Korea’s biggest tourist attractions near Seoul. Most people choose to visit Gapyeong on a day tour and include the picturesque Garden of Morning Calm and Petite France in their Nami […]